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Robert A. Brubaker
Resonant Image Studios
Producer / Director

Gilded Magic Publishing
Author / Illustrator and Webmaster

Independent Book Publishers Association
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Building character through storytelling.


2011 & 2012 International Book Award-Winning Finalist and
USA Best Books 2011 Award-Winning Finalist (Illustrator)

Robert is a multi-media "Jack Of All Trades" who graduated with a Fine Arts Degree from The Ohio State University with a primary focus in film and video production.

His skills include professional medium format and digital photography, videography, cinematography, 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics, visual effects, web design and illustration.


2010 - Robert officially launched Resonant Image Studios, an independent film and video production company that will also produce graphic novels, children's stories, interactive games and web design. Film productions will be based on original screenplays and stories created in-house and through licensed works.


After a lot of prayer and soul searching, Robert and his lovely wife Sherry decided to start Gilded Magic Publishiing in 2009 in an attempt to offer readers a unique blend of original high-quality stories and immersive "eye-catching" graphics.


Collaborating with Sherry K. Brubaker, Robert illustrated Sherry's first picture book entitled "CUP OF GLITTER" which out of eleven countries was recognized as an
Award-Winning Finalist in the 2011 International Book Awards and a USA Best Books 2011 Award-Winning Finalist.

"Sherry and I are absolutely thrilled to receive these honors! Hopefully our readers will have as much fun experiencing our stories as much as I had in writing and illustrating them. Congratulations Sherry! Thanks for bringing me along on this wonderful, color-filled journey!"

- Robert A. Brubaker, Author / Illustrator / Producer


The Bell Ringer, is a story centers on a young mischievous thief who despite himself, discovers forgiveness and the true meaning of Christmas. The Bell Ringer is the first children's picture book Robert has written and illustrated.

May 2012, Robert nearly flipped when Jeffrey Keen of JPX Media announced that The Bell Ringer was honored as an Award-Winning Finalist in the 2012 International Book Awards.

"It was exciting to hear. I spent nearly two years producing the graphics for The Bell Ringer with the hope it would serve both as an inspiration and means to serve the poor in support of The Salvation Army charitiable missions. So far I think we are off to a good start." - Robert A. Brubaker, Author / Illustrator / Producer

The Bell Ringer is also available in AUDIO BOOK form as a reading companion to the picture book and RADIO TELEPLAY complete with Hollywood level sound effects, original score and a strong narrative performance.

Robert and Sherry have been given a great opportunity to learn about the publishing world with Jack Canfield co-author of "Chicken Soup For The Soul" and Steve Harrison of Bradley Communications. Both have been very influential in the publishing world and have helped Best Selling authors like Tim Ferriss - The Four Hour Work Week and Ken Blanchard - One Minute Manager, to build their brands through a series of creative options. We look forward to incorporating what we've learned into our own publishing business model.

Robert looks forward to continuing his collaborative efforts with Gilded Magic Publishing, his wife Sherry and many other authors and artists as Gilded Magic Publishing moves toward building a greater inventory of high quality work.

The Bell Ringer Trailer
The Bell Ringer


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